We provide guided tours tailored to the requirements and interests of each group.
All tours for primary and second-level tours are curriculum linked.

A visit for primary level students can be used to support various aspects of the curriculum including:
  • Art, Craft and Design (investigate by looking; learn about artists; architects and designers from different periods; develop observational skills)
  • History (how people lived; the changes that took place over different periods and how people were affected by those changes; understanding local history and learning about evidence)
  • CSPE (appreciating our environment)

We provide worksheets for primary level students and these can be provided in advance of your visit here.

A visit to Rathfarnham Castle can also be used to support aspects of the Leaving Certificate History curriculum.

Social and cultural history, and Leaving Certificate Art (design and craft work) are particularly relevant. Leaving Certificate Art students are also invited to visit our regular fine art exhibitions which will encourage students to develop an awareness of the importance of the visual arts in our culture and community.

Families with young children can also pick up a fun Castle Trail at our reception desk.

This trail encourages children to engage with the Castle and to discover and learn during their visit.

We provide occasional art and craft workshops for children during school holidays and during Heritage Week. Check here or on our Facebook page for details. We are also happy to assist students who are carrying out research on local history, art and architecture.

Please note all group tours must be booked in advance.
For further information or to make a booking, contact us.

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… that in the Belfast Newsletter of 1 July 1788, it was reported that General Sally had presented a male and female ostrich to Lord Loftus? The report states that the male became exceedingly tame and allowed a young boy from the Malabar Coast, who accompanied them on their long voyage from the Ganges, to ride on his back for the delight of the gentry, at Rathfarnham Castle Demesne.


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